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~ A MisBehaved Woman ~Well behaved women seldom make history and I am part of history in the making!

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A MisBehaved Woman...Because Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History, THAT'S why!

Ageless, timeless, mysterious, wandering Child of The Universe. Residing in the barren desert town of Lost Causes, NM. Full time volunteer & professional hellraiser. Occasional artist that works with twigs, rusty nails, rocks and whatever other treasures that can be found while romping and playing outdoors. 

Love:  tTattoos, scorching hot black coffee, ice cold beer, bluegrass & blues, the freedom of wilderness & the smell of old books...but not necessarily in that order.

Respect: Strong, independent men & hell-raising women - especially those who never give a damn and do as they please and to hell with what the world might think.

Follow me and I might lead you to a misty mountain meadow...or I may lead you off the next cliff I decide to leap from so bring some pillows...or accept that you might be in for a rough landing and take the chance anyways.


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Woodworking, creating web designs and images, camping, photography, wildlife.

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