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~ A MisBehaved Woman ~Well behaved women seldom make history and I am part of history in the making!

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A MisBehaved Woman...Because Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History, THAT'S why!

Former carpenter & house painter. Long time social justice agitator and part time artist. Currently working as an advocate for Death With Dignity & Physician Aid In Suicide causes. It is my dying father's wish to control his own death & destiny but current laws stand in the way of this most basic freedom - freedom to live & die in whatever manner we choose.

“In this case, by permitting the individual to exercise the right to choose, we are following the constitutional mandate to take such decisions out of the hands of government and to put them where they rightly belong: in the hands of the people.”

Judge Miner in her ruling of Quill vs. New York

Love:  Tattoos, scorching hot black coffee, ice cold beer, bluegrass & blues, the freedom of wilderness & the smell of old books...but not necessarily in that order.

Respect: Strong, independent men & hell-raising women - especially those who never give a damn and do as they please and to hell with what the world might think.



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Passionate social-justice advocate. Love woodworking, creating web designs and images, camping, photography, wildlife.

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